Communication is a journey to reach out to our destination

mCubique Corporation is a communication boutique that provides a wide range of services supporting the communicationactivities
of client businesses and organizations.

While the needs and wants of clients, consumers, and media are becoming increasingly complex, we have implemented effective communication activities supporting business success for our clients.

We believe the keys to our success lies in three Cs.


From our vast knowledge of communication, we choose the best solution for our clients.


We find every little step we make together with our client as a challenge, providing a potential breakthrough to the current situation.


We apply creative and imaginative mind acquired from person-to-person relations as a tool for supporting business success of our clients.

With any project, we first determine the needs and wants of the client, and then develop and propose the optimum action program complete with a full roster of associate staff handpicked for their expert knowledge and experience. By assembling taskforces specifically tailored to each project, we can provide our services with the highest levels of quality.

Additionally, our alliance with domestic and foreign business partners allows us to actively pursue and provide global communication support,
both inbound (global to Japan market) and outbound (Japan to global market).