Machiko Morishita Chief Executive Officer

森下真千子 After spending over fifteen years with top-ranked Japanese and American PR & advertising agencies,
she founded mCubique Corporation as a communication boutique with a small, elite staff for maximum flexibility.
Her long years in the industry has given her wide and deep experience in both PR and advertising,
and enabled her to develop an extensive personnel network of skilled professionals. Utilizing these resources,
she oversees the development and implementation of communication projects as the chief planner.

Miyuki Soejima Executive Partner

副島幸 After spending 20 years at a major advertising agency, and later at a cosmetic importer with PR responsibilities,
she becomes a professional PR planner, providing expert services to a wide range of clients in different area of business,
both domestic and foreign. Her experiences and industry network in PR, advertising and sales promotion gives her
the competitive advantage in identifying client needs and meeting client expectations.